So it has been weeks since I wrote anything on here.  S and I are fully moved and my mother has come to visit and since left.  VERY busy couple weeks!  Now that everything has calmed down I am back on the sewing train 🙂

We are not going to find out the gender of the baby which means I am stuck sewing clothes for two genders.  Fun but I also know some of it will just be wasted.

I will write full posts soon but for now here is what I have been whipping up.

Cloth Baby Wipes:IMG_1962

Many Slouchy Beanies….(they are just so easy)FullSizeRender

Slouchy Beanie and Matching Harem PantsIMG_1965

Little Circle Skirt (there is a pattern just hard to see)…and yeah I need to finish the seamIMG_1971


Cute little Sailor GirlIMG_1972


That’s all for now.  I will get back into posting full stories and proper pictures very soon.  Promise.




Moving Time….Again

For the last nine months S and I have been living in a teenie tiny apartment and now with our little one on the way it is time to get the heck out of here!  The only problem is that I despise packing and moving.  Really though, in the last 12 months I have moved two houses…I mean that’s just too much!

This past summer I decided that I couldn’t be without S.  He’s the one for me and that’s it, that’s all! So I unpacked all of my belongings from storage in Saskatchewan and spent a month selling whatever I could live without and carefully packing anything I wanted to keep.  The process was agonizing.  I don’t see myself as material sort of person but with each item I had a memory or a knowledge of how hard I worked for it and then I had to just let it go.  The cost to move from Saskatchewan to Newfoundland was around a dollar a pound…which adds up crazy fast.

The funny thing came when I finally got around to unpacking in Newfoundland.  So many items made the move that I really didn’t need or want.  I think must have always depended on my mood for the day.  If I was being emotional then all of a sudden everything had to be kept, whereas other days I was taking truckload after truckload to the donation centre.

When I had finished packing and moving my belongings from Saskatchewan I then had to pack and move S’ belongings from St. John’s to Corner Brook because he was away working for most it.  S was there on the big move day but a lot of the work fell to me and me alone.

In total I moved 5,690km this year…

And now, here we are again (though in all fairness we are only moving a short distance this time).  S is away working and I will have to try and get as much of the house packed and ready to go as I can.  Haha my post today is just whine session.  Feel my pain!


okay okay, enough complaining….I will get back to my work.

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Dole Listeria Recall and My Terrible Luck

I made the mistake of buying a beautiful bag of precut salad the other day.  Literally the only reason I bought it rather than making my own salad was because of the current vegetable prices in Newfoundland.  I simply cannot afford to buy each vegetable on it’s own.  I mean cauliflower was $20 the other day…Celery was 8.99!  Those prices are insane.  I have been craving fresh vegetables so I bought the Dole salad.

I had no idea about the whole “pregnant ladies shouldn’t eat precut salads or deli meats”.  This wasn’t in the baby brochures from the doctor’s office.  It wasn’t in the baby books.

This morning I woke up and read the news as per usual.  Front page of the Newfoundland CBC page was the recall.  I tried to put it out of my mind but it was eating at me.  Garbage day isn’t until monday which means the weeks garbage was still outside.  Anyways, twenty minutes later I am up to my elbows in garbage trying to find the salad bag so I can check the Product Code and UPC.  Turns out I ate an entire bag of the recalled salad.  Perfect.  Great.

To add insult to injury I was already planning on asking my doctor this up coming week for bloodwork to look for Zeka and Chicagunya.  Why you ask?  I spent three weeks between Trinidad & Tobago as well as Puerto Rico during the spring of last year.  Less than a week after I returned to Canada I was struck down with debilitating joint pain that has never gone away since.  Every Single Day I HURT.  And no doctor has been able to tell me what is wrong.  When it is really bad I can’t walk, I can’t dress myself and I certainly can’t leave the house.

So now when I go into my very new doctor on Monday, I get to tell her how I may have been exposed to three baby threatening illnesses…and try not to sound like a hypochondriac.

Moral of the story. Don’t eat premade salads. Cook all food. If you travel wear bug spray. And don’t have my luck.


P.S. Here is the link for the Canadian warnings on the Dole recall.  It effects multiple brand names and was distributed throughout Eastern Canada.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Dole Recall

Must Sews for Baby?

I am definitely on a pinterest kick.  I may have an actual problem.  Anyways todays hunt for cute things led me down the path of sewing for baby.  So I am trying to decide what items I will actually use or want.  Here’s my list so far:

The Perfect Burp Cloth.   I read somewhere that the pretty cotton will not absorb so I think I will copy this patterns shape but use absorbent material on both sides.


So Sew Easy

The Bandana Bib.   Super cute and it looks easy to make.  Once again this pattern calls for a cotton side….so for the sake of absorbancy I will shoot for a cool flannel pattern.



Cloth Wipes.   I have been meaning to make these for a long time now.  I despise having paper towel in the house but S always seems to bring it home.  The game plan will be to make a whole bunch for baby and a whole bunch for cleaning.


Making it Home Blog

Breastfeeding pillow.   If I don’t get one at the baby shower then I will for sure be making this.  Making extra covers is definitely the way to go.

boppy woodland

Thrift Nest Sew

Gauzy Swaddle Blankets.   Cute and functional.  Should be easy to sew.


Dana Made It

Extra Change Pad Covers.  This is a no brainer.  I will try to make two or three.


How Does She

Extra Crib Sheet.  Same as the the change pads.  Two or three should do it.


How Does She


What things did you sew for baby?  Anything I should really have on this list?  First time mama here so help a girl out!


One Wild Year

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I am terrible at remembering dates like birthdays and anniversaries…like really I am the worst. When S. called me this morning to wish me a Happy Anniversary it was a great surprise!  A whole year together.  And what a year!

We began dating.  We took a trip to Trinidad & Tobago. S headed to the Yukon to hang with his dad. I went to Puerto Rico. I became very sick. S came to Saskatchewan. I visited Newfoundland.  I was fired so I stayed in Newfoundland. I returned to Saskatchewan to sell most of my belongings and pack whatever was left. Both of us went to the Yukon for S’ fathers birthday party. I packed up S’ house in St. John’s and we moved to Corner Brook. I began University. We did a lot of weekend trips around the island in our camping equipped jeep.  We travelled to Saskatchewan for Christmas and spent New Years in St. Johns.  And now we are expecting a baby.

What a wild year!  If you had asked me last January if I thought any of this would have happened i would have laughed.  My life has changed drastically in just 12 months.  I just can’t wait to see what the next year brings.



Sewing Cloth Diapers is SO Expensive

I truly want to use cloth diapers for our child to be.  I mean I am an Environmentalist as is my partner so it just makes sense.  Problem is, which one to choose???  Or do I make my own???

For a cost effective solution I decided to look into sewing the diapers myself. There are a ton of free patterns around and I managed to get my hands on a couple really good ones.  Based on one of the patterns the material required would be:

For newborn size X2: using wazoodle prices

4 1/4 yards 36″ birdseye (Organic cotton terry =4.5 yards=54.95 US )

1/2 yard diaper flannel (1 yard = 5.99 US)

5/8 yard 60″ wide PUL (Buy 1 yard = 8.99 US)

Thread: high quality 100 % polyester thread (5.99US/spool=4 spools=23.96US)

Elastic: 1⁄4”polybraid 1⁄2 yard for Newborn (1 yard = 0.30US)

Hook and Loop: 4 inches of hook, (1 yard=0.69 US) 12 inches of loop. 1”wide (1 yard=0.69US)

subtotal = 95.57


brokerage fees=2.50


total=127.57US = 184.55 CAD


so 184.55 for two diapers….this is insane.  Sure I would have some extra notions for working on the next diaper but really that is far too much. nearly a $100 a diaper!  How is everyone else doing this?!  I have found the odd location where I might be able to get one type of material for a cheaper price but then I am paying shipping fees for five different stores so it negates any money I would have saved.


I feel like i am missing the trick for making cheap diapers because at these prices there is no way anyone should bother spending the money.  Any tips sewing mamas out there?